About Osprey Line

Osprey Line has an extensive track record of providing safe, reliable service to our customers. Our core business is marine transportation by deck or hopper barges both inland and offshore. We take great pride in being an industry leader on this front.

Osprey Line LLC is owned by Kirby Corporation and Cooper/T. Smith.

Kirby Corporation (KEX), based in Houston, Texas, operates inland tank barges and towing vessels, transporting petrochemicals, black oil products, refined petroleum products and agricultural chemicals throughout the United States inland waterway system. Kirby also operates four ocean-going barge and tug units transporting dry-bulk commodities in United States coastwise trade. Through the diesel engine services segment, Kirby provides after-market service for large medium-speed and high-speed diesel engines and reduction gears used in marine, power generation and railroad applications.

Cooper/T. Smith Corporation is a fourth generation privately owned maritime services industry entity with core activities in stevedoring, terminals, harbor docking tugs, barge transportation, logistics, wood chip production and sales as well as providing USL&H and State Act workmans compensation facilities. The Cooper Group of Companies operates in 15 states and four countries. Total entities exceed 45 and group wide employ over 900.